WandererRotator Lite V2

Brand new V2, what's the difference?
Brand-new family-style appearance design, more recognizable
A new motor with higher torque is adopted, which avoids stalling compared with the old model

High payload

Maximum payload of 5kg*

*Measured when center of gravity of the equipment is 15cm away from the rotator.

High rotating rate

3.5 degrees per second

Large aperture

The rotator has an M68 clear aperture, so it can even be installed in front of most flatteners.

High precision*

The resolution can reach 0.005 degree.

Zero flexure guaranteed

The unique magnetic structure makes the rotator as rigid as an adapter ring at any angle


only 550 grams
Ultra low profile

Only 12mm

For users of altazimuth mounts and Dobs
ASCOM compatible


What's included