WandererRotator Lite
Powerful,beyond imagination

High payload

The maximum payload of 8 Nm meets the needs of most CMOS imaging devices

Note: The torque generated by the imaging equipment to the rotator must be less than 8 Nm. For example, if the center of gravity of the equipment is 15cm away from the rotator, the maximum weight of the equipment should not exceed 5.3kg.

High rotating rate

The maximum rate is 7 degrees per second
Reduce waiting time

Ultra low profile

Only 12mm thick, saving every millimeter of space*

*When a male threaded adapter is used on the telescope end.

Large aperture

The rotator has an M68 clear aperture, so it can even be installed in front of most flatteners.

Note: Many correcters have a thread larger than M68, but can still be connected through an adapter ring and meet the full frame image circle, such as SkyRover 0.8x reducer, Takahashi 645 0.99x flattener, etc.

High precision*

After two attempts, the accuracy is better than 0.1 degrees.*
The resolution can reach 0.01 degree.

*After setting backlash correctly

Zero flexure guaranteed

The unique magnetic structure makes the rotator as rigid as an adapter ring at any angle

Replaceable adapters*

Without increasing thickness of the rotator

*Only the adapter on the side facing the telescope can be replaced. The camera end thread is M68 internal thread and cannot be replaced.

ASCOM and INDI compatible